Electrozi rutilici d=3.2x350mm,pachet 4.7kg,BÖHLER FOX DMO Ti

Electrozi rutilici d=3.2x350mm,pachet 4.7kg,BÖHLER FOX DMO Ti

EN ISO 3580-A
E Mo R 1 2
EN ISO 2560-A
E 38 A Mo R 1 2

Characteristics and field of use
Rutile electrode for 0.5 % Mo-alloyed boiler, plates, and tube steels. Approved in long-term condition up to +550 °C service temperature. Specifically preferred for thin walled welds up to 30mm and root pass welding. It offers excellent striking and restriking characteristics, easy slag removal, smooth beads, AC/DC weld ability and produces first class X-ray quality welds in all positions (except vertical down).

Base materials
Creep resistant steels and similar alloyed cast steels 16Mo3, S235JR-S355JR, , P195TR1-P265TR1, , L245NB-L415NB, L450QB, L245MB-L450MB, GE200-GE300 ASTM A 29 Gr., 1016; A 106 Gr. A, B; A 182 Gr. F1; A 234 Gr. WP1; A 283 Gr., C, D; A 335 Gr. P1; A 501 Gr. B; A 510 Gr. 1013; A 512 Gr. 1021, 1026; A 513 Gr. 1021, 1026; A 711 Gr. 1013; API 5 L B, X42, X52, X60, X65

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